Central Air Conditioner Parts and Supplies

Central Air Conditioner Parts and Supplies

Finding replacement parts or supplies for your central air conditioner can be tough. It is important for homeowners to find parts that are the right fit for their unit. These parts will provide their AC unit with quality and durability. It is best to find an AC service you can trust in order to get the most out of your home’s air conditioning.

Applegate Home Comfort offers AC repair and maintenance for residential homes throughout Michigan. Our expertise allows us to provide the best quality in our services as well as the best parts and supplies for your unit. Here is a look at the different components of an air conditioner and why it’s best to get parts we recommend.

Parts and Supplies for AC Units

Central air conditioning units are made up of 5 key components: chemical refrigerant, condenser coil, evaporator coil, expansion valve, and a compressor. These parts allow the unit to pump cool air into your home and hot air out. While there are many smaller parts in an AC unit, understanding these components allows you to pinpoint common issues.

  • Chemical Refrigerant: This chemical is what provides the cooling power for your AC. It runs between the condenser coil and evaporator being turned into a liquid and a gas.
  • Condenser Coil: This coil turns evaporated refrigerant into a liquid. In a split system, this part of the unit is housed outside the home.
  • Evaporator Coil: This coil is housed inside the home in a split system. It turns liquid refrigerant into a gas to cool the coils. It works with a fan to blow cool air over the coils and into your home.
  • Expansion Valve: The valve is located in between the evaporator and condenser coils. It is used to help depressurize the liquid so it can be converted into a gas.
  • Compressor: This part is used to re-pressurize the refrigerant and turn it back into a liquid. It works in the opposite manner the expansion valve works.

While it is great to understand what each of these components does and how it works in your AC unit, it is also important to find the best quality tools for your unit. Applegate will help pinpoint your needs for AC parts and provide you with the best parts.

Why Order From Applegate

The benefits of going through Applegate for your AC needs is that you get exactly what you need. Not only that, they are also the best quality parts that will be both durable and reliable for your air conditioning unit. In the meantime, we can also provide you with a number of services that will extend your unit’s life and keep it running when it matters the most.

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